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Sasha is an ASDR standard size red tri female with bright blue eyes. She is a big girl and weighs around 50-55lbs. She is a big goofball but can be shy around new people at first. I’m not sure how she is with kids.  She gets along well with most other dogs. She is daughter of my standard size stud Frankie, I do not own her mother though. She has had a couple of litters of puppies and is house trained and crate trained. 


Chula Vista

Chula is an AKC registered blue eye tri who was added to our family in the summer of 2022. She is full panel clear genetically. She is around 35-40lbs. She is a spunky little girl, and loves to run around the farm and on my trail runs. She is friendly with people and other dogs. She has never had any puppies and will need to be spayed. She is crate trained but not house trained. Born April 1, 2022.
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