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Miniature Australian/American Shepherd

  • Personality: Smart, watchful, lively; a loyal snuggler when off-duty

  • Energy Level: Very Active; enjoys physical activity and training

  • Good with Children: Yes

  • Good with other Dogs: Yes

  • Shedding: Seasonal

  • Grooming: Occasional

  • Trainability: Eager To Please

  • Height: 14-18 inches (male), 13-17 inches (female)

  • Weight: 20-40 pounds

  • Life Expectancy: 12-13 years

  • Barking Level: Barks When Necessary

A Small Australian Shepherd


During the 1960’s, a Californian Australian Shepherd enthusiast acquired several small working Aussies from the rodeo circuit. Intrigued by their compact size, she worked with a veterinarian to develop a breeding program in order to preserve the trait, which quickly resulted in litters producing both dogs only 13 to 14 inches tall as well as larger Australian Shepherds. The smaller dogs eventually became known as “miniature” Australian Shepherds.
The mini Aussie soon attracted the attention of experienced Australian Shepherd breeders and eager newcomers. Lines were researched and educated breeding to full-size Aussies was and is strongly encouraged to diversify the gene pool and improve conformation and type of the mini Aussies. Herding instinct, intelligence and drive were preserved and many mini Aussies continue to work a variety of livestock today.


Our Mini Aussies
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